Heart Evangelism And Relationship Training

Heart Evangelism And Relationship Training (HEART) Program is a 4-6 month training and mentoring program  for our staff,  which enables enrollees to more adequately minister to others.  It includes both an initial intensive training period prior to mentoring others, as well as ongoing training and mentoring throughout the duration of the program.

He is no fool to give what he cannot keep, to gain that which he cannot loose.


If you desire to impact the world for Jesus Christ, we invite you to consider taking the HEART Program at Fresh Start. Maybe God is calling you to be a Christ-like friend. Possibly, He wants to prepare you for a visible leadership role in building His kingdom. Whatever our age or calling, we all desire to be a part of bringing souls to salvation. Christ told us the two key commandments in scripture are quite simply, love God first and others second. Our success in fulfilling these commands will determine the depth of our relationship with God as well as the success of our relationships with others. At Fresh Start, there is an intense focus on learning basic relational tools, combined with direction on how to put them into practice. Consider the benefits of serving with Fresh Start if you are presently, (or feel called to be) any of the following:

  • A home church mentor, accountability or cell group leader, or lay counselor
  • A long-term missionary
  • A minister
  • Someone wanting to learn relationship and listening skills to use in friendship evangelism
  • A spouse or parent

If any of the above categories describe you, you may want to contact us to request a syllabus and more information. We guarantee the time invested and training received at Fresh Start, either in the HEART program, and possibly as long-term staff member, will be challenging and stretching, difficult and heart-wrending, but also, worthwhile and rewarding.


Our goal in the HEART Program is to teach relational skills. We then seek to assist trainees to put those skills, as well as principles they already know, into practice. In other words, we are aiming to move our operational views (of God, others, & ourselves) toward a merger with our intellectual views.

Working toward that goal, we utilize several methods:

  • Teaching through instruction: classes, video courses, & books
  • Teaching through personal discipleship / mentoring: we aim to help the individual move toward maturity & completeness through evaluating the present, dealing with the past, planning for the future
  • Teaching through coaching: after the 4-6 month intensive training, the trainees will work with individuals in FS program. This provides an opportunity to mentor others while being coached and mentored at the same time. It is a powerful and stretching experience. Come see for yourself.

If you would like more information or a syllabus, please e-mail info@freshstarttrainingcenter.org and we will be happy to assist you.

You may also call: 812-254-3399 Monday – Friday, 8:15-5:00 EST.

Process of Enrollment

If you would like more information or a syllabus, please E-mail Bryan Fleagle (Administrator)

You may also call: 812-254-3399  Monday – Friday, 8:15-5:00 EST.