Current Staff at Fresh Start

Bryan & Virleen Fleagle


Merlin & Liz Martin

Director of Client CAre

Kevin & Dawn Eshleman

Shop Foreman

Paul & Hillary Garber


Mark Miller

Assistant Shop Foreman

Bruce Yoder

Shop Assistant/Counselor

Jerome Martin

Counselor/Dorm Supervisor

Jonathan Conley

Shop Assistant

Marty Stoller


Lucy Hurst


Naomi Bechtel


Loren Wingard

Board Member: Chairman

Phil Graber

Board Member: Vice Chairman

Gary Yoder

Board Member: Secretary

Thomas Shrock

Board Member

Rick Wagler

Board Member

Larry Kemp

Board Member

Chris Graber

Board Member

Sam Yoder

Pastoral Advisor

Marlin Yoder

Pastoral Advisor

Heart Evangelism And Relationship Training

Heart Evangelism And Relationship Training (HEART) Program is a 4-6 month training and mentoring program  for our staff,  which enables enrollees to more adequately minister to others.  It includes both an initial intensive training period prior to mentoring others, as well as ongoing training and mentoring throughout the duration of the program.