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Program Downloads

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2014 April – June Newsletter
2014 JuneJuly Bible Reading Schedule

2014 JuneJuly Bible Reading Schedule













Other Program Downloads

Resident Guidelines

personal questionnaire

Personal Questionnaire

Daily Moral Inventory Booklet

Daily Moral Inventory Booklet


My Responses to Offenses

Discipleship & Accountability Resources

Discipleship & Accountability Resources



Inspirational Downloads

The listing of a resource on the pages below indicates we have found the material to be generally sound and helpful in relation to the given subject. It by no means indicates Fresh Start’s complete endorsement of either the material or the doctrinal standpoint of the author. If you come across something you have questions about, please objectively study the Word of God on the matter and find some answers. We welcome your feedback, either appreciative or corrective, regarding any of these resources.


  • Discipleship & Accountability Resources (1292) – Discipleship, Practically Speaking! The articles and worksheets in this 55 page resource will give you tools to use in setting up a Practical Scriptural Discipleship Plan within your home congregation.  Envision the powerful positive impact we could have in our churches, on our young and old alike, if we could employ a strategic discipleship plan. We’d see stronger congregational relationships, younger Christians could be advised and stabilized by more mature Christians, lay members could find a clear opportunity to build the church, and ministers may not have to deal with the conflicts on their own. What a testimony a vibrant, sincerely unified brotherhood would be to a watching world!
  • What Happened To John? (1373) – Starting with a look at the story (based on real life) of a young man who turned from the way he was brought up. This article utilizes several statistics from our Anabaptist groups, gleaned from from the CARE survey (below).  It will invite the reader to think outside the box in establishing a plan to build relationships within our local congregations. If this fascinates you, check out our download for accountability group structure as well (below).

Courageous Conversations Conflict Resolution Plan (download below) from Chris Hogan–

  • Courageous Conversations (2054)— Ever had a disagreement with someone you care deeply about? Who hasn’t? Here is a unique set of 10 questions combined into a powerful conflict resolution tool. When used regularly, it will enable you to get to the heart of even the most complex relationship conflicts, building stronger relationships in the process. 

Bible Reading Plans and Spreadsheet Records in Xcell and OpenOffice


More Recommended Resources

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