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We are blessed with the unique and intense opportunity of working with the men from a whole-life-view perspective. Not only do we meet the men in mentoring sessions, but we also live and work together with them for an extended period of time. It is an approach which has our end goal,Christian discipleship, built into it. We have the opportunity to observe and relate to each of the men on a daily basis. We also meet in one-on-one mentoring sessions 3 times per week. We then work toward combining the data of what they share about life in mentoring, with the problems that they and others see in their life (presenting problems–the issues which cause them to seek help in the first place) into a complete life picture. Out of that information, we find the doorways to go deeper into their heart. As we deal with the emotional pain and help them go to Christ for healing (Isaiah 61:1), we also find opportunities to expose sin issues, the roots of the presenting problems (i.e. bitterness-Heb.12:15 & pride/wrong desires 1 Jhn. 2:15-17). We are then able to lead them further along the path of repentance, victory, and true heart-level change.



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Weekday Schedule